What is the best distributor for Spotify: TOP-10 in 2024

May 23, 2024


You will need a reliable distributor to promote yourself on various streaming services. This special company will allow you to release music, distribute it to the audience, monetize your creativity, and even collect analytics on your tracks. That’s why you must choose responsibly that your best music distributor for Spotify could offer you the most loyal terms of cooperation.

In the material, our experts have collected ten of the best companies that can interest every artist. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so compare them among yourselves and choose the best option for yourself. 

Spotify distributor list

Our small Spotify distributor comparison will help you identify the most promising organizations that work professionally with artists. This allows you to conclude the most favorable contract and get maximum benefits with minimal commission.

All companies were included in the list only due to strict selection. Our experts paid attention to:

  • the size of the commission and the terms of its payment;
  • the quality of technical support;
  • peculiarities of the terms of cooperation;
  • reviews and rating of the organization;
  • availability of tools for distribution and analytics.
  • Considering all these factors, you can quickly choose a suitable organization and start cooperating.


The unique music aggregator has launched recently and has already attracted the interest of both aspiring artists and well-known performers. Among the main features are simple content delivery and effective promotion of creativity. MusicAlligator is a promising option for aspiring artists who want to promote their creativity to the masses and get results.

Key benefits of the platform:

  • Advanced content delivery across all platforms, over 80 services;
  • Opportunity to order promotion services, test release;
  • Maximum convenient financial system, payments, current account;
  • Exclusive offers from partners for participants;
  • Detailed analytics and statistics, monitoring of auditions;
  • Fast registration and joining.

The new platform has virtually no downsides at this point. You may encounter more extended responses because the service has an exclusively human technical support team. In any case, most questions are resolved quickly.


An extremely popular professional platform that allows artists to quickly upload many tracks to music platforms without restrictions. Important features include high accessibility and many different tools for the musician to work with. Thanks to this, you can use the site even with minimal experience. Also, the platform automatically distributes revenue to all participants.

The main advantages:

  • it’s the fastest possible track release. You will be able to see your songs on the platform within a few hours;
  • no hidden commissions. It is enough to pay for the subscription, and after that, you will not have to pay extra;
  • extremely easy to use the site. The interface is intuitive for everyone.
  • The disadvantages, at the same time, can be attributed to limited customer support. It is better to be patient when getting help because it may take some time. Also, the company does not engage in marketing or promotion of artists, and therefore, you will not get such services.


Another popular music distributor characterized by its global reach, the service offers artists support with marketing and track promotion to build a presence in the markets. This is great for artists who want to globalize their influence and increase audience engagement.

Main benefits:

  • Marketing assistance. The distributor helps artists promote their tracks;
  • global presence. Can access most streaming platforms around the world;
  • unlimited limits. You can pay a fixed fee for a year and not worry anymore.
  • At the same time, the disadvantages include quite a lot of difficulty in using the site, which may be overloaded due to the large number of customers. Also, technical support may need to wait longer than usual for the same reason.


This is a modern service with many innovative tools that will allow you to automate your music creation and mastering. You will also be able to use the internal music tools with great convenience to improve the quality of your music before publishing. There are additional tools for working with projects and ideas.

The main benefits are:

  • mastering services. You will be able to take advantage of automatic software mastering on the platform;
  • comprehensive solutions. Not only tools for releasing music but also for writing it are offered;
  • ease of use. It has an extremely simple interface, which even a beginner can understand.
  • The disadvantages can also be attributed to the fairly high cost of any additional services. The presented services of automated mastering may not fully replace a real professional, but they will definitely facilitate the work of a young artist.


The unique platform with comprehensive solutions is perfect for artists who want to manage promotion, fan interaction, and their careers in one place. Since 2006, the company has been helping various musicians to promote themselves and become better known. The organization is also not shy about spending its resources to promote young but promising artists.

The main advantages:

  • An extensive set of tools. You will be able to engage on the site as distribution, manage your fan club, and much more;
  • support at all stages. Artists can count on the help of the service’s specialists at any time;
  • large community. It is possible to interact with other artists or arrange profitable collaborations.
  • At the same time, disadvantages include the fact that you will have to pay extra for all additional services. If you do not quite understand the rates, it is better to find out information from technical support in advance. Also, some artists complain about the overloaded interface, which means newcomers will need some time to adapt.


The most notable distinguishing feature of the platform is that aspiring artists can use it for free. Additional paid services include monetization or marketing, as well as creating cool artwork for their albums. It’s a great choice for independent artists who want to make music without an initial investment. You’ll also be able to keep your income entirely, which means you can reinvest it in your development and recognition.

The main benefits are:

  • free distribution. If the budget is limited, the platform is one of the best offers on the market;
  • additional services. You additionally engage in the monetization of videos and even the promotion of your tracks.
  • Limited support can also be attributed to the disadvantages. Periodically, the waiting time for a response can take several hours because employees try to deal with each problem in detail. At the same time, there are not too many functions on the platform, which may even seem like an advantage to novice users.


A unique feature of the popular platform is its full-circle operation, with the release of tracks directly through your mobile device. Thanks to this, you can upload tracks. Depending on the results, you can even find personal contracts with the label run by the organization. You can easily utilize the simple service without spending any extra money. This is the most convenient and easy option for all artists who want to get started.

The main benefits are:

  • free distribution right through your smartphone. You will be able to post your music right on the go from the company’s mobile app;
  • the opportunity to get contracts. If your metrics and analytics show excellent results, you can count on the possibility of entering into a formal agreement with the service.
  • Among the platform’s disadvantages is the limited set of features available to each user. You can take advantage of all the features in the paid version. It is also necessary to use a mobile application for work, which will not be convenient for everyone.


The hallmark of a music distributor is the ability to use a user-friendly interface to manage their finances. By doing so, collaborations or large multi-participant projects can benefit from the simplicity of revenue sharing. This is a great choice for producers or artists who want to take advantage of transparent tools to handle their finances. You will also get the most detailed analytics from all released tracks.

Main benefits:

  • Transparent revenue distribution. This is a great distributor for collaborating with large teams and collective projects;
  • detailed reports. You will be able to understand your audience’s characteristics exactly, see the analytics, and adjust your promotion strategy.
  • Among the platform’s features is the need to pay a monthly subscription to the service to use all the services. You will also need time to adapt to the local interface and set up your account.

CD Baby

A respected and long-established platform that specializes in supporting independent musicians. Thanks to it, you will be able to distribute your music, get monetization through YouTube, and license your tracks. You can also set up music production on physical media, which is quite a rare service. The service is great for musicians who want a comprehensive service in all areas and entrust the organization with promotion to professionals.

The main advantages:

  • Distribution of physical copies. There is an opportunity to start selling CDs and vinyl of your creativity. This is a unique service;
  • a wide range of services. You will be able to monetize your creativity and quickly license your music.
  • long-term cooperation. The company has been on the market for a long time and has many admirers.
  • The professional platform has a disadvantage in the form of a fairly high cost for its level of service. At the same time, you should be prepared to pay a commission on sales. The percentage of income will depend on your terms of cooperation.


This is a great platform, though it is less popular than others on the list. It is distinguished by providing a full cycle of services for the promotion, monetization, and distribution of tracks. This is great for artists who want to control the whole process of music distribution and get their percentage of income. Thanks to this, you can pay once for an album or track and profit from your creativity regularly.

The main advantages are:

  • Widespread distribution. You can access all the popular platforms around the world and start distributing your creativity;
  • full transfer of income. You will be able to receive funds without deduction of commission and pay it separately;
  • a fairly simple interface that you will quickly understand.
  • The disadvantages, at the same time, can be attributed to the need to pay the annual cost of releasing a track or album. Over time, the commission can accumulate on the account. Also, promotion services are available only in a limited form, with no complex marketing tools.


In conclusion, we can confidently say that choosing a distributor is the most responsible thing you can do and should be approached carefully. Your decision may depend on the many advantages and disadvantages of each company. Therefore, we recommend that you use our comparative review to quickly decide and finally start monetizing your own creativity.

We recommend that you study the terms of cooperation of each of the proven companies and get started. This will allow you to expand your audience and collect analytics for further advancement in the music world. Spotify is waiting for you!

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