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What’s in All-Inclusive Tiers?

Our service tiers are designed to provide you with a comprehensive distribution package, all included in the initial cost without any hidden fees or additional charges. Unlike subscription-based models, our service ensures that your releases remain available indefinitely. There’s no annual deletion – your music stays live until you decide to take it down.

Included in every tier at no extra cost are a suite of additional services:

  • Additional Artist Profiles.
    Manage multiple artist profiles efficiently, accommodating diverse projects or bands.
  • Country-Specific Analytics.
    Gain insights with detailed geographical insights to understand your audience better.
  • Track-Level Analytics. Dive deep into the performance of individual tracks to optimize your promotional strategies.
  • Custom Label Name. Release music under your own label, maintaining your brand’s identity and independence.
  • Daily Trend Reports. Get insights into your music’s daily performance to track trends and refine your marketing strategies.
  • Delivery to Chinese Platforms. Tap into one of the largest music markets with distribution to major Chinese platforms like Tencent, KKBOX, and NetEase.
  • Digital Store Distribution. Distribute your music unlimitedly across all major digital platforms, reaching a global audience.
  • Free EAN Codes. Obtain European Article Number for your releases at no extra cost.
  • Free ISRC Codes. Assign your International Standard Recording Codes for accurate tracking and rights management of your recordings at no extra cost.
  • Karaoke Creation and Delivery. Broaden your reach with karaoke versions of your tracks, engaging a wider audience.
  • Official Sales Reports. Access detailed, actionable reports to analyze your music’s market performance and make informed decisions.
  • Platform Selection. Choose from a broad array of platforms to distribute your music, from global digital stores to niche markets.
  • Smart Link Creation. Generate smart links to direct fans to their preferred streaming or purchasing platforms effortlessly.
  • Social Media Monetization. Monetize your music on various social media and video platforms, going beyond traditional streaming revenues.
  • Spotify Artist Cards. Optimize your artist profile on Spotify with customizable artist cards.
  • Apple Music Artist Cards. Enhance your presence on Apple Music with artist cards.
  • Store Automator. Automatically distribute your music to new platforms as they’re added, ensuring maximum reach.
  • Statistics Recovery Safeguard your streaming stats during transfers, ensuring your historical data is preserved.
  • Unlimited Artists. Represent an unlimited number of artists without any restrictions.
  • Unlimited Labels. Manage multiple labels, offering unparalleled flexibility for your music business.
  • Unlimited Releases. Release as much music as you wish with no cap on quantity, ensuring your creative output is never limited.
  • Use Your Own EAN/UPC. Manage your releases with your own European Article Number/Universal Product Codes.
  • Use Your Own ISRC. Easily input your tracks’ International Standard Recording Codes for proper tracking and rights management.
  • YouTube Channel Linking. Seamlessly connect your releases to your YouTube channel, enhancing your content’s discoverability.