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The best feeling for a musician is to hear someone singing their song. Are you ready to manifest your talent and let the world sing with you? Our music promotion service is ready to become your loyal partner and guide you through the exciting journey in this business.

Reach your audience using our tools to promote your music on streaming platforms. Connect with music enthusiasts who resonate with your works.

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What do you get with MusicAlligator?

It’s natural to have this question in mind. MusicAlligator is not here to waste your time and resources; with us you get the following benefits:

Spotify promotion

Our platform broadens your opportunities for creative growth and career development.

Track placement

While you are concentrating on the creative process, we take care of distribution and marketing so that more people can hear your music on the most famous streaming platforms.

Track placement

With our music promotion company, you can earn more by growing your audience.

Track placement

You get constant support from our team, which means you will never feel unsure or lost; we support you at every step of the journey.

Track placement

Your tracks get included into playlists on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and others, which are followed by a large number of listeners.

Track placement

If you are an independent artist, you can work with us directly. However, we also cooperate with labels and distributors.

How does it work?

What is the main thing you need to grow your fanbase? Right, your tracks’ distribution on all major streaming media services. With MusicAlligator, your creativity knows no bounds. Read further and find out how our music promotion agency works.

  1. 1. Your ideas become your music

    Our team’s professional approach will bring your innovative ideas to the next level. There is no doubt that the guidance of experts is essential for an independent artist. Record your track and provide it with a cover artwork that beautifully conveys its essence.

  2. 2. Upload your track

    Music marketing is all about strategy and planning, and even such things as the song release date should be well considered. MusicAlligator got your back and will make the best decisions so your track is noticed and recognized.

  3. 3. Use effective promotional tools

    Each client receives personalized recommendations to promote online music they’ve created. Your work should appeal to the broadest audience possible.

  4. 4. Manage ads and learn results

    Boost your potential by receiving feedback and analyzing the results. You will be able to follow the track’s statistics and manage your ad campaigns. Make sure every move gets you closer to your goal.

  5. 5. Make real profits and grow

    Sharing your talent with others should bring you not only satisfaction and recognition but also profit. MusicAlligator knows what to do so you can earn money from your releases and streams.

Pricing for your career with MusicAlligator

Our company offers three music promotion packages so you can choose the one that suits your needs. Standard Moderation service aims to boost your works’ visibility and optimize your distribution efforts. It includes features like pitching music to playlists, lyrics, and karaoke versions of your tracks, and receiving detailed financial reports.

Premium Moderation package includes tailoring strategies that meet the unique requirements of your music. It offers personalized promotion to enhance distribution, expediting the review and release process. Both packages include support from our team and fast moderation.

An exclusive offer For Labels is about the most effective conditions in the music distribution market.


While you focus on the creative process, we are here to handle promotion to get your tracks to the major streaming services.

So that more people can hear your music, even when they are just looking for music of a specific genre. You get broader recognition, thus bigger profits.

You absolutely keep all copyrights for music, lyrics, covers, and so on.

Music promotion