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What is MusicAlligator and how does it work

MusicAlligator simplifies music distribution, offering a standout choice in the market with our premium service. Eliminate the wait and extra costs – we handle distribution and marketing, freeing you to focus on creativity and career growth. Quickly get your music on major platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, and more, making your talent globally accessible.

How do I benefit from working with MusicAlligator?

Our premium service guarantees fast support, a user-friendly account, Spotify pitching, and swift platform delivery. Focused on quality over quantity, we cater to those who value top-notch service and comfort. Discover the MusicAlligator difference. Choose from standard to premium options without worrying about extra fees for additional features. Our service is designed for hassle-free music distribution, ensuring you don’t stress over extra payments or slow support responses. Experience the ease of our premium service.

This way more people can hear it, including people who like and are looking for music in your style. Using our aggregator is an opportunity to deliver your music to dozens of streaming platforms at once, including the biggest ones, like Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, TikTok, Amazon, Beatport, Deezer, and other DSPs. Collaboration with MusicAlligator will help your project and music become more famous, and you will be able to earn money.

The main platforms that MusicAlligator works with: 7Digital, Akazoo, Amazon, Amazon Video, Ami Entertainment, Anghami, Apple Music, Apple Video, AudibleMagic, AudioMack, AWA, Beatport, Beatsource, Bleep, Bmat, Boomplay, Bugs!, ClicknClear, Deezer, Digital Stores, Dreamus Company (FLO), Facebook / Instagram, fizy, Genie Music, Highresaudio, Hungama, iHeartRadio, iMusica, iTunes Music Store, Jaxsta, JioSaavn, Joox, Juno Download, Kakao / MelOn, KKBOX, Kuack Media, Lickd, LINE Music, LyricFind, MePlaylist, Microsoft (Xbox, Zune), Mixcloud, MixUpload, MonkingMe, MoodAgent, Music in ‘Ayoba’, Music Worx, MUSICAROMA, MusixMatch, Napster, Naver Music, NetEase Cloud Music, NetEase Video, Nightlife Music, Nuuday A/S, Pacemaker, Pandora, Peloton, Pretzel, Phononet, Qobuz, QQ Music, RBT, Resso, Roxi Music Videos, Shazam, Sirius XM, Simfy Africa, Singberry, Slacker, Smule, SoundCloud, SoundExchange, Spotify, Stellar Entertainment, Tencent, Tesla Music, TIDAL, TIDAL Video, TikTok, TIM Musiс, TouchTunes / PlayNetwork,, Trebel Music, Triller, Ultimate China, Xiami, Xite, Yandex.Music, YouTube Music, YouTube (Copyright), YouTube (Sound Recording), Zvuk. That’s not the whole list – in total, we deliver music to over 80 streaming services.

Elevate your Spotify presence through direct access to Spotify’s editors, enhancing your chances of playlist features and listener growth. Boost your music career with our effective promotion strategy.

Easily transfer royalties to your bank account using your details and IBAN.

Link your official YouTube channel with your releases by ensuring your music is uploaded through MusicAlligator and meets YouTube’s requirements. Submit a request to with the necessary details for processing.

To whitelist your video, email with the ISRC code and video link, ensuring it’s not monetized and free from YouTube Content ID claims.

Music rights, working with other labels and aggregators

Yes, all copyrights for music, lyrics, covers and so on stay with the rights holder.

Our music aggregator works with independent artists as well as labels and distributors. If a label owns the rights to your catalog, you can recommend them to work with MusicAlligator as an aggregator. If you own the rights to your catalog, you can work with us directly.

By posting your music using our service, you are guaranteed to receive the highest level of premium service, fast technical support, a convenient personal account, the ability to pitch to Spotify and, of course, fast delivery of music to all major streaming platforms!
Our peculiarity is that we do not work with a large number of clients; we are aimed at a narrow audience that values comfort in work and high service! Try the premium service with MusicAlligator!

Most of the time, music aggregators who distribute your release on streaming platforms work under the terms of an exclusive publishing license. In other words, if you’ve given an aggregator the right to publish a version of your release, other aggregators are unlikely to take on the task of loading that same version to streaming platforms. This is done to avoid confusion and to prevent multiple releases from the same artist or team from appearing on the platforms. But if you give out a different version of your release (Remix, Live, Extended mix, Radio version, and so on), then you can release it on another aggregator – it will essentially be a different release.

Yes, you can transfer releases while preserving statistics by ensuring all release and track information, including UPC/EAN and ISRC codes, match exactly. Ensure your music is removed by the previous distributor for a seamless transition.