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June 04, 2024

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Spotify is currently one of the leading music streaming platforms in the world. The company has many unique playlists, among which editorial playlists remain the most popular. Spotify’s professional curators create them to promote tracks within a specific genre, event, or mood.

Read on to learn about editorial playlists, what they are, and what benefits an artist can gain from such a partnership. We tell you all the most interesting and important things right now.

What are Spotify editorial playlists?

First of all, Spotify editorial playlists are professional track selections. The platform’s team of experts creates them, and the main difference is that they add tracks based on professional analysis. Due to this, the audience’s preferences and music trends are guessed to be stronger, and many people like them.

Such playlists are focused on a particular topic or genre so that listeners can immerse themselves in a strictly defined atmosphere. This makes them appealing to an immediately wide range of listeners. This ensures that when an artist is featured on a playlist, they get an engaged audience that can start listening to you regularly.

Benefits of being featured on Spotify’s editorial playlists

There are a large number of unique benefits that an artist can gain by adding their tracks to Spotify playlists. Not only is there an increase in visibility and listens on the tracks, but also additional recognition and a new audience. You can increase the number of listens, expand your audience, and gain credibility by promoting your new tracks. Experts have detailed each of the factors.

Increased exposure

The most important benefit of Spotify’s editorial playlists is the ability to increase the number of listeners to your tracks. This increases the audience and greatly enhances your visibility, which is difficult to achieve when promoting on your own.

That’s why inclusion in such playlists is extremely appreciated, even by professionals. You can be listened to by people from one country and internationally. Due to this, your creativity is globalized, and you become a more popular artist.

Therefore, many musicians are trying to get on such playlists as soon as possible and thus start their successful careers. You only need to prepare your tracks and the right positioning for this.

Increase in the number of streaming records

Your tracks in an editorial playlist will allow you to increase the number of streams on Spotify. This is an extremely important metric for gaining monetization, which is why every artist strives to get endorsements. The more listeners a track gets, the higher your direct income will be.

This is especially important for up-and-coming and independent artists and small labels. In this case, every extra stream will have a real financial value, so you should take advantage of such an offer. This will allow you to maximize your streaming recordings as quickly as possible and thus earn more. All the same, self-sufficiency is an important criterion for the identification of professional artists.

Audience Growth

Spotify’s editorial playlists often become extremely popular and sought after by audiences. This is a great opportunity for regular listeners to try new genres and enjoy sounds not previously available in Spotify’s catalog. You should get on the editorial playlist as soon as possible.

You will get several benefits at once:

  • you will be able to increase the number of listeners who will later become your fans and subscribe to the channel;
  • you will create a more stable base of listeners who will support the artist for years to come;
  • increasing your visibility will allow you to release new tracks with less effort.

For these reasons, you should get on such playlists immediately and reap all the benefits.

Authority and prestige

Also, consider gaining additional credibility and prestige by getting on these playlists. It’s still a great opportunity to place another achievement in your biography. Not every artist can boast that experts in such playlists selected his music.

This addition to Spotify is the key to further growth for many musicians. You will be able to open many doors and get more growth opportunities. Try after that with a better chance of success to participate in music festivals or start collaborations with different artists.

Sometimes, successful artists from editorial playlists are even offered lucrative contracts with popular labels who were able to see the talent early on and get validation in the form of expert reviews.

How are tracks selected for editorial playlists?

This requires a deeper understanding of selecting tracks for editorial playlists. First, the curatorial team will thoroughly analyze and evaluate the music. Many factors are considered to understand the relevance of the technical requirements, aesthetic trends, and preferences of the playlists. Here are the key criteria:

  • production quality. The sound should be professionally mixed and clean;
  • relevance of content. The song itself should be relevant to the music industry and fit into the theme of the playlist;
  • the popularity of the artist. Influence can also be your known, but newcomers without an audience still have a chance to get on the playlist;
  • analytics data. The Spotify platform also uses various algorithms to analyze your tracks. Both saves and actual listens are influenced.

Based on this, try modernizing your creativity to fall under the selected playlist. Alternatively, you can simply choose a different selection that suits you better.

Strategies to increase your chances of getting on a playlist

There are a large number of interesting strategies that will allow you to achieve the coveted and get on an editorial playlist faster. Here are a few of them:

  • improve your sound quality and track mixing;
  • be active on social media;
  • collaborate with other artists;
  • market your work;
  • be sure to take advantage of feedback from your listeners.

Thanks to all this, your chances of success will increase significantly. Next, our experts have outlined a few more useful strategies and steps.

Optimizing your Spotify profile

The best place to start is by optimizing your profile. This is where potential fans and listeners can find your music. Plus, it has many important tools essential for engagement and increased visibility. Note the need to:

  • updating your bio to include all important information about your latest releases and new achievements;
  • use quality images to be placed on your profile or album cover;
  • using links to social media, the official website, and even your merch;
  • adding new content regularly to keep your audience interested.

You’ll also need to analyze your results and successes to achieve more carefully. Talking about it further.

Using Spotify for Artists

Making the most of Spotify for Artists analytics tools is essential. By doing so, you’ll be able to get more information about:

  • the geography of your listeners;
  • the number of streams;
  • the length of time you’ve been listening.

It is important to analyze your creatives’ performance and aim to increase all metrics over time. This will help you improve your interaction with your audience, understand the portrait of your target listener, and work for them.

Fan interaction

Engaging with fans through Spotify’s tools also remains in high demand. Some of the most appropriate actions include:

  • personalized playlists. You’ll be able to create these playlists with your recommendations so fans can get to know your music taste better;
  • exclusive content. Allow your fans to see unique and exclusive tracks only available on Spotify. These don’t necessarily have to be brand new tracks, they can be new versions;
  • direct appeals. You can also announce your concerts directly on the platform or release updates and news about important events in your career.

Through all this, you can build a solid connection with your listeners and thus increase your audience. This interaction makes fans more loyal and allows them to support the artist for years further. So, you should take advantage of this opportunity and maximize the benefits of connecting with your audience.

Quality Content

The cornerstone of any artist is creating quality content. You should be prepared for:

  • high quality audio recording. You need to make sure your music sounds good and clear;
  • professional album and single covers. It is best to use attractive images and hire professionals to create them;
  • creating detailed and interesting track and album descriptions can attract listeners and keep them interested.

Take your career seriously and try to match the high level of the platform and its listeners to succeed.


As a conclusion to the material, the Spotify platform opens up great opportunities for many artists. To take full advantage of them, you must increase your audience and the number of listens. Therefore, we recommend that you start trying to break into the editorial playlists you want as soon as possible.

Optimizing your profile and using analytics tools will help you achieve more meaningful results. You must also constantly update your content and engage with your fans. Don’t forget about marketing your creativity so that as many people as possible can learn about you.

This will allow you to achieve success in the long run. Therefore, we recommend using Music Alligator to analyze and promote your tracks. Don’t give up; you will succeed!

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