How to Pitch to Spotify Playlists: Increasing Your Music’s Reach

June 04, 2024

How to pitch Spotify

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How to Pitch to Spotify Playlists: Increasing Your Music’s Reach

Spotify remains the most popular streaming platform at the moment. That’s why getting on one of the playlists can significantly increase your audience and chances of success. You’ll need to approach your promotion and pitching strategy effectively to do this. You will also need to customize your profile, not forget about the presentation, and take advantage of other tools for artists.

The material discusses how to succeed and get on the playlist, the specifics of your strategy, networking, and maximizing your chances. Read more right now!

Setting Up

Such a global task needs to be handled responsibly, so we recommend that you first set up and optimize your artist profile on Spotify. By doing so, you’ll be able to significantly increase the chance of success with curators and regular users. Here are some important recommendations:

  • use only the highest quality profile and cover photos. By doing so, you will be able to display your musical identity and show everyone that you are a special artist;
  • make your bio relevant. Always be concise yet as informative as possible. You need to post major achievements and interesting facts about your career;
  • do not forget to place additional links to social networks and the official website. This is an extremely important step, increasing your visibility and accessibility to fans.

Through all this, you will be able to achieve success in the shortest possible time and create a pleasant first impression. This will also allow you to increase the chances of your pitch being approved.

Crafting Your Pitch

You will also need to create a presentation for playlist curators responsibly. Right off the bat, set your main objective: to convince these people that your music deserves to be on their playlist. To do this, you can emphasize the following:

  • unique sound. You need to clearly explain exactly how your music differs from other artists in the genre;
  • your achievements. It is worthwhile to point out any significant successes that will allow you to stand out. Among such high places in the charts, various events or collaborations;
  • target audience. You should also immediately describe who your music attracts. This will make it much easier for curators to choose your track for the playlist.

In this case, it is complex work that should be taken seriously. This is the only way you will have a chance to be successfully added to the playlist.

Best Practices for a Successful Pitch

Some great practices will allow you to succeed in this direction. Therefore, you should personalize your pitches and always focus on a specific result in your playlist rather than adding at least somewhere. Our experts interviewed popular artists and managers who highlighted the following aspects:

  • personalization. It is necessary to address a specific curator by name and mention the name of the specific playlist you want to be added to. This can greatly increase your chances and show that you are interested in this direction;
  • professionalism. Do not use diminutive words or foul language. You should be correct, clear, and concise. Show that you are truly collaborative;
  • data support. It is best to support any claims with real numbers from your streams, various tracks, and audience feedback. This is what professionals who want to eventually work their way up and get all the opportunities to do.

By following all these recommendations, you can count on a higher chance of success. It is important not to get discouraged even if you are not approved the first time. In any case, you need to keep trying to get what you want and expand your audience.

Using Spotify for Artists Tools

Learning how to use the various tools from Spotify is important, as it helps artists achieve more and improve their engagement and visibility. There are a few key features that you should definitely be aware of:

  • Spotify for Artists. The most popular tool that allows you to track your listening stats and get more information about your target audience, profile;
  • Marquee. This is a special advertising feature that is currently paid. Thanks to the tool, you can promote your music to interested listeners and get more feedback;
  • Spotify Ad Studio is another advertising feature that allows you to play a recorded message from users of the free version of Spotify between tracks. Sometimes, it works well.

To succeed, you must utilize the above features and compare their potential for your development.

Networking and Building Relationships

Among other things, you should gradually build your network of contacts to establish business and friendly relationships with artists, producers, and curators. Doing so can significantly increase your visibility and chances of success. Here are some important recommendations:

  • participation in music events. Through this, you can get to know other professionals and share your own experiences;
  • collaboration with artists. Common projects often expand your audience and allow you to get stronger professional connections;
  • active social networks. Try to participate in discussions and support other artists. Any activity you do can attract a larger audience.

Through all of this, you can find the contacts you need faster and utilize them for success. Stay active and take every opportunity to appear more often in a potential fan’s feed. This will increase your recognition and visibility, making adding to playlists easier.

Follow-Up and Feedback

Following a few rules after sending your pitch and acting efficiently is also necessary. By doing so, you can prepare for your next attempt and gain more useful experience. Here are a few such actions:

  • tracking the result. Be sure to use artist tools to monitor your changes in auditions and audience. This will help you sort out exactly who you’ve gotten after adding to your playlist;
  • feedback from the curator. Be grateful, even if your pitch didn’t pass muster in this instance. Use the information you receive to improve your performance;
  • adjust your strategy. Analyze all promotion channels and develop a new strategy considering past wins and failures.

By following these principles and actively utilizing all available tools, you can improve your chances of success. This will also allow you to build longer lasting connections with your audience and professionals.

Alternative Strategies if Not Selected

Every artist has other opportunities to increase their popularity and audience. You need to take advantage of various professional strategies that can work. Here are a few such options:

  • use other platforms. You can try to expand your presence on other music streaming platforms. These can include Apple Music, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and others. By doing so, your visibility will increase;
  • re-pitching. Be sure to revisit your previous pitch, update, and re-pitch. Try to adjust things so that you will be accepted this time around;
  • creating playlists on your own. You can also create a few playlists and actively promote them through websites and social media. Sometimes, this can have an even greater effect.

In any case, such alternatives will not be able to compensate you fully for the rejection you received. Still, they will allow you to increase your overall visibility and audience. The next attempt can be much more successful, so it is recommended that you take advantage of it. You should prepare well and reapply to have a better chance of success and thus achieve your goal.


To summarize, pitching on Spotify is a strategic task that requires the utmost care and attention. You must optimize your profile, create a quality presentation, and use Spotify tools. Your chances will increase if you build a personal touch and communicate effectively.

Even in case of rejection, it is recommended that you remain flexible and confident. Explore alternative strategies and try to stay persistent and positive. Ultimately, your efforts will pay off, and you will get a coveted spot on your playlist.

We recommend you start working with Music Alligator immediately and use all the promotion and analysis tools. Try it as soon as possible, and we wish you good luck!

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