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  • What is MusicAlligator and how does it work?

  • What is MusicAlligator?

  • What is a music aggregator?

  • How do I benefit from working with MusicAlligator?

  • What does partnership with MusicAlligator give me?

  • Why should I upload my music here?

  • Where will I be heard?

  • Is it all free?

  • So, I can make money? How much? When and how will I get it?

  • How can I promote my music additionally?

  • Music rights, working with other labels and aggregators

  • Do I keep the rights to the music?

  • And if I'm released on another label?

  • There are also other services that can be used to put music on streaming platforms. Why should I work specifically with MusicAlligator?

  • Can I publish my track on multiple aggregators at once?